About company


HAUPTMANN is engaged in production of materials for installation of poured floorings. Using our long-term experience in industrial and civil construction, as well as with technical support of the Israeli Research Company Polymate ltd, we have achieved high product quality and its environmental safety.

Cooperation with Polymate ltd

Our company's cooperation with Polymate ltd and with Nanotech Industries Int (US) is based on a serious research work, creating a synthesis of science and production. The result of this cooperation are the products of our high-tech production.

Why should you trust us?

  • 12 years in the market.
  • Over 700 successfully completed projects
  • Materials are safe for human health and environment
  • Complete support of the transaction, from material sales to quality control of works performed
  • Implementation (execution) of works in a short period of time
  • Individual approach to color selection
  • Flexible pricing policy of the company will meet the customers' needs
  • A briefing for material application (on-site installation supervision) is provided if necessary.
  • Goods sold comply with quality standards (safety requirements)