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Requirements for flooring in restaurants, banquet halls, cafes are strict. That is why more and more often the consumer chooses modern poured systems.

They are wear-resistant, durable and hygienic. But before ordering poured floors for a restaurant in Minsk, the establishment owner is faced with difficult tasks. Coatings differ in composition, purpose, cost. And it is important not to make a mistake with the choice.

Practicality and presentability

It is important to choose a floor that meets two criteria:

  • Practical, as in food industry facilities
  • Beautiful and presentable. After all, a restaurant is not just a place to eat. Here they organize anniversaries and weddings, corporate parties of companies and important meetings.

For large restaurant complexes they often choose several types of coatings. After all, there are technical areas (kitchen, unloading room, food storage area, refrigerator room, washing room, service room) and "face" areas: dining room, cocktail lounge, and bar. The common thing that unites these rooms is that a person comes into contact with food. And there's always a risk that food will fall to the floor. But the other risks are different in different areas of the restaurant. In the receiving area ― drop object loads. In the dining room area with dance floor ― constant point and dynamic loads from shoes on heels. And all of this is important to consider when pouring.

Poured floors for cafes and restaurants in Minsk: when everything is normal! It is important for the restaurant owner to find materials that meet the standards for the floor of catering establishments before laying the coating.

What criteria should the floors in restaurants meet?

  • Be serviceable. You can stop worrying about this criterion only with durable coating. Poured floors have a service life of at least 15 years. Therefore, you can pour the floor and not worry that very soon it will have to be repaired.
  • Have a smooth surface, but not slippery.
  • Do not let moisture through, do not hinder wet cleaning. Cleaning in restaurants is carried out with the active use of water. A number of areas (such as the washing room) are "wet" by virtue of their purpose. That is why this need is understandable.
  • Not warp under the influence of strong disinfectants?
  • Have no voids. This is important for protection against rodents.

Hauptmann epoxy-based polymer systems meet these requirements perfectly. Our experienced craftsmen will undertake the work on floor pouring and installation. Since there are no intermediaries, the price of poured floors for a restaurant in Minsk is affordable.

You can order the material in any required volume, picking up the desired color from our range.

Hauptmann products have high adhesion of coating to the subfloor (7 MPa). Under laboratory conditions the manufacturer has tested the coating resistance to aggressive chemicals, including hydrochloric acid.

Special tests are carried out for coating interaction with detergents, the floor response to temperature increase.

What to take into account when ordering and installing poured floor for cafeteria and restaurant?

Epoxy floors are recommended for rooms with high impact loads (restaurant's butcher shop), high humidity areas (washing facilities in the kitchen area, shower rooms for staff).

Polyurethane-based coatings show good performance in process areas with high vibration levels (e.g. rooms with electric mincing machines), active movement of hand tools - for example, in unloading zones.

In the dining room, beautiful coatings made of microcement look interesting and classy. In restaurants in Belarus they are not yet used very actively. But for many restaurants in Western Europe and the multi-million-strong cities of Russia, this is a popular phenomenon. Especially for establishments where designers want to support loft style.

What determines the price for installation of poured floors for a restaurant?

The scope of work affects the cost of floor pouring.

And it's not just the area, but the number of technological activities. Classic floor pouring involves leveling of concrete surface, sealing of chips, pits, priming, dedusting.

The action mechanism has been technologically defined. But if the subfloor is uneven, special procedures may be required during leveling: diamond grinding or shot blasting. When pouring the finishing coat, the customer also always has options: choose a more low cost solution or a system with UV protection. When pouring a bright floor for the dining room, dance floor, this optional type of coating definitely should not be disregarded. It significantly increases colorfastness. The expediency of such coating is lost only for clubs, banquet halls without windows. But most restaurants have windows. And that's the kind of coating that helps to keep floor colour richness.

The system itself also affects the coating cost. Not only composition (based on epoxy resin, polyurethane) can be distinguished, but also thickness. It is selected taking into account the traffic flow in the premises.

Matte and glossy. With classical concrete substrate and based on microcement. Practical and decorative. Restrained or immersed in the atmosphere of the holiday ... There is a floor covering for any budget and any restaurant.