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The bar's popularity is influenced by its atmosphere. It surely depends on the service and attractiveness of the interior. Flooring for the room design project plays an important role.

Poured floors for bars began to be used by many business owners. And they made the right move. The atmosphere of the establishment wins. You can stop worrying about repairs for long years—even though the load on the site is significant. After all in the bar people actively spend their time. Including dancing. They come here wearing heeled shoes. Drinks are often spilled and cleaners use strong detergents to remove stains. Including those with a high concentration of caustic acids and alkalis.


Wood, parquet, tile, laminate - even on a concrete screed is preferred less and less often.

  • The wood frightens with a low level of fire safety.
  • Tile frustrates with its vulnerability to mechanical stress.
  • Laminate does not meet the level of wear resistance. The exception is Class 34 commercial laminate. But the price of poured floor for the bar is still lower, and physical and mechanical characteristics of the poured system are higher.

With the help of polyurethane and epoxy poured coatings it is easy to install not just practical, but also original decorative floor, with individual texture and pattern.

What kind of poured floors do the bar owners choose?

For the kitchen unit and the bar rack itself most often epoxy coatings are chosen. Cured resin has high waterproofing properties. Therefore, no additional waterproofing is required even in the washing room.

Polyurethane, methyl methacrylate are actively used for the dance floor. The material perfectly withstands serious dynamic loads. Similar compositions are used at industrial enterprises.

Important! In the mass media, you can find materials, authors of which convince that polymer floors emit epichlorohydrin, toluol, hexamethyldiamine, and vapors can harm the respiratory system, eyes. Polymer resins (before curing) do have a small percentage of these substances. But caution should be observed only at the stage of their pouring.

So it's a matter of safety for craftsmen, not the pain of consumers. Polymer resins are also very different. For example, the manufacturers of innovative Hauptmann floor systems use the so-called "green" polyurethane. It is a new generation non-toxic polymer, the safety of which is confirmed by the recognized US Agency - EPA. Moreover, the material received the prestigious green chemistry award -Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

You can order the material in any required volume, picking up the desired color from our range.

What determines the price of poured floor for club and bar?

Coating price depends primarily on its composition. To ensure floor durability, resistance to chemical and mechanical stress, and high anti-slip level, you should give preference to proven products.

Two-component coatings are really good at this. These are mostly acrylate resin-based compounds. For example, such as Hauptmann Top 2K microcement. For bars, restaurants, cafeterias, administrative offices it has recently been chosen by customers from different cities.

Through micro-cement, it solves two problems at a time. This is the installation of flooring and wall finishing. Microcement is as hard as stone. The absence of pores does not allow moisture to pass through the material. The total material thickness does not exceed 3 mm. This material is also used to finish bar tables and countertops.

To achieve the result, it is important to strictly observe the process operation procedure. We organize free training on the product. Performing the pouring yourself will save money on work. And the money saved on professional services can be spent on maintenance of decorative effects. The interior is made memorable by installation of floors adding chips or pouring coatings with sequins.

Don't know which flooring to choose? Choose our company and Hauptmann products. We will visit your premises for free. We will give you professional advice. We will choose seamless, durable and beautiful coating.