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In industrial environments, decorative functions of the flooring rank below practical functions.

Due to the intense mechanical stresses and other harmful influences, floors in warehouses have to be selected according to strict technical requirements.

Flooring requirements

Flooring for warehouses is tested for compliance with many mandatory quality standards, including the following:

  • Impact resistance, high resistance against mechanical loads and abrasion. This becomes even more important with floors in large warehouses, where hydraulic lifts are used to handle large-sized objects. Over time, the flooring surface risks being worn out and deformed by frequent movements of warehousing machinery.
  • Chemical resistance. It is not only about the floor immunity to household cleaners, but also about the resistance to the effects of oils, solvents, gasoline waste, paints, etc. Otherwise, the coating can quickly lose its integrity and be covered with stains.
  • Temperature resistance. Temperature drop, especially local, is often the cause of crack formation in the surfaces of the premises. The most damaging in this context are local temperature variations that occur in warehouses with powerful cooling and heating systems in different sectors.
  • Fire safety remains one of the key criteria of requirements for building materials of any category. Presence of combustible substances in the composition of one or another material many times caused fires in industrial facilities.
  • Non-slippery surface. When working with oversized and massive objects, a slippery floor increases the chance of injuries and accidents.
  • Antistaticity ― most often required for flooring in warehouses where electrical appliances or other electrically sensitive equipment are stored.

Choose your type of flooring

Types of floorings

Based on the conditions of a particular industrial facility, you should choose between several types of flooring for warehouses:

Quartz poured floors. Known for good strength and impact resistance due to the presence of a layer of quartz sand and epoxy resins.

Polyurethane coatings are characterized by elasticity and wear resistance of their concrete-polymer layer.

Industrial polymer floors are widely considered as a universal option due to their compliance with all the key requirements for industrial coatings. Depending on working loads in the warehouse environment, they can be reinforced for better strength.

HAUPTMANN offers flooring pouring services for warehouses at your facilities. We have branded building materials with German quality certificates and trained foremen at our disposal.

You can order the material in any required volume, picking up the desired color from our range.