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Microcement is widely used for finishing facades and various elements of the house, such as steps of staircase, porches, terraces and benches.

When you choose this material for the facade, you may stop worrying about its appearance, over time such a coating will not turn yellow due to resistance to UV radiation. Perfect for renovating your walls in the street without spending a lot of time. Thanks to good adhesion Hauptmann microconcrete can be applied to a variety of panel surfaces. Do not forget that it is an ecological material, and in further operation it does not release harmful substances. This material has high frost resistance.

Why choose HAUPTMANN microcement for the facade

  • Firstly, the seamless surface allows you to hide joints and irregularities.
  • Secondly, thanks to the large range of colors you can choose any color.
  • Thirdly, the material is resistant to temperature changes, weather conditions and does not absorb water.

It is important to understand that the exterior finishing is done in stages and it is important to observe all stages of the application technology, so that in the end all material properties are preserved, the layer is perfectly level and doesn't have any seams.


Do not forget about the temperature regime!

We want to draw your attention that work with microcement for facades should be carried out at a temperature not lower than +8°C.

Laying consists of the following stages:

  • base preparation;
  • application of soil with quartz sand;
  • application of the first layer of microcement;
  • application of the second layer of microcement;
  • application of impregnation (protective varnish);

If you don't have any experience with microcement, it's better to rely on specialized craftsmen, since the layers are applied one at a time and the joints need to be processed before material drying.

You can order the material in any required volume, picking up the desired color from our range.

Our craftsmen will help you to achieve the perfect result that you will keep enjoying for years to come.

The price of microcement for facades depends on a number of different factors such as the condition of your base, area required for coating, work complexity and color choice. The final cost can be voiced only after inspection of your exterior walls.


You can order microcement for the facade in Minsk by leaving an application on our website or by calling our managers, they will answer all the questions and help you to find the material most suitable for creating the perfect look of your facade.