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Concrete in architecture is very popular for many reasons. Its positive properties are strength and moisture resistance tested by time.

Fabrication and design of architectural concrete makes it possible to perfectly fit this material into a public space.

Hauptmann TOP 2K microcement comes to the rescue ― a ready-to-use material that is as good in technical characteristics and visual perception as architectural concrete.

  • Hauptmann TOP 2K microcement, applied to the surface by our craftsmen by hand, has a unique pattern, unlike the concrete slabs cast by industrial method.
  • Based on the developed composition with the appropriate polymers and microcement, it is possible to create a noble and durable material that meets the expectations of architects and fans of modern industrial and minimalist interiors in Loft style.
  • Hauptmann TOP 2K microconcrete can be applied to any surface using the special Hauptmann Epo 420 primer, such as: gypsum board, ceramic tiles and wood bases.

Our team of craftsmen, who have extensive experience, will carry out for you a project of any complexity on the application of microcement imitating architectural concrete.

The main disadvantage of architectural concrete is its weight

For concrete slabs installation a load-bearing wall is required, which entails a solid iron frame for fastening.

The microcement surface has a noble appearance, and the abundance of colors and textures of the material allows you to find the best solution for each individual case and for each interior.

And if you decide to make your choice for this kind of material, buy it for the floor decoration of an apartment, office or any other room from our company

You can order the material in any volume you need, picking up the desired color from our assortment.

Our specialists will help you to calculate the cost of microcement coating, depending on the room type and area, just call us or order the floors through the form.

You can order the material in any required volume, picking up the desired color from our range.

This original decorative coating is suitable for finishing surfaces indoors and for exteriors of buildings.

Microcement is ideal for interiors in the trendy Loft, High-Tech, Modern, and Industrial styles. It will fit perfectly into the classical style of the room.

To order HAUPTMANN microconcrete walls send a request form or call us by phone.