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Epoxy resin-based coatings serve from 15 years or more. Therefore, poured floors for the office in Minsk are increasingly being chosen by far-sighted companies. But which materials should be preferred? How not to make a mistake with the manufacturer.

ORDER HAUPTMANN POURED FLOORS FOR YOUR OFFICE Pay attention to the new generation of Hauptmann coatings. They are modern products based on microcement, epoxy coatings on a concrete base. Hauptmann products are actively chosen for commercial real estate objects. Business owners, architects, designers are guided by the fact that Hauptmann office flooring has the following qualities:

  • High wear resistance. Homogeneous coating. It does not deform, does not produce dust under the load of heels, shredders (paper disintegrators), wheeled chairs, hand document carts, scrubbers, vacuum cleaners.
  • High chemical stability. Cleaning can be carried out with strong compounds. Including those based on acids and alkalis.
  • Non-toxicity. At work a person spends a third of his life. Behind the price of poured floors for the office is the material quality. The staff's health is directly related to their safety.
  • Waterproofing. The surface does not absorb water. Inadvertently spilled water bucket will not harm the offices on the floor below. No harmful mold accumulation, no fungi growth.
  • High level of antistaticity and hygiene. Seamless structure prevents dust accumulation.

Important! Pouring is carried out only by professionals. It is important to know the technology, have experience in laying floors at commercial facilities. Our foremen have both such knowledge and experience. We work with any volumes. We think over every step. The result is strong and wear resistant coating.

What kind of poured floors companies choose for offices?

Business owners, designers, architects appreciate not only the practical but also the decorative qualities of polymer coatings:

  • The RAL catalog presents a wide range of shades.
  • Glossy and matte textures are available.
  • There is an opportunity to order poured floors with a company logo for the office.

The variety of shades of decorative floors is a great opportunity to find a material that supports the company's corporate color. When choosing a coating, you can place a logo of the company, or a thematic picture, which reflects the main activity, directly on the floor.

The picture is not on the front side, but on the base. The picture from the top is reliably protected by a finishing coat. The picture does not rub off. The surface retains its presentable appearance. Even if the room is used very actively, hosting meetings of clients and partners, seminars, presentations, and corporate parties.

You can order the material in any required volume, picking up the desired color from our range.

Decorative floor is not just an element of the interior. It's the image of the office space.

And also, it gives its first impression of the company to clients, partners, applicants.

There is a high demand for systems with microcement. Most often, such systems are chosen when setting up offices in the loft, minimalism, high-tech styles. In this case, the product has a huge advantage. The presence of microconcrete in the composition maximizes material resistance to deformation and abrasion. For rooms with high traffic - it's a godsend!

Thin-layer and high-filled systems based on epoxy resin are available. Thin-layer products can be used for rooms with European-style remodeling and perfectly flat surface. High-filled systems with quartz sand are suitable for pouring the floor on an uneven base.

What affects the price of flooring for administrative buildings and offices?

The coating thickness significantly affects the cost. It is chosen taking into account the intensity of premises use, mechanical load.

The next factor that is important to consider is the type of coating. A strictly monochrome floor is less expensive than a coating with colorful pattern.

Hauptmann Top 2k (microconcrete) coating is resistant to UV light, as it can be used on outdoor terraces.