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In turn, special epoxy-based polymer coatings are used to protect the concrete base from excessive wear and exposure to chemicals.

For large garages and car parks it is recommended to install industrial concrete floors, which are sufficiently resistant to heavy operating loads and are characterized by affordable cost. In particular, the international coating system OS 8 ― a combination of epoxy composition and quartz sand is used at car parks, which significantly increases strength characteristics and wear resistance of the floor.

HAUPTMANN manufacturing company, whose range includes branded materials, offers to order polymer flooring for garage. Skilled professionals will help you to choose suitable compounds for the floor, depending on specifics and purpose of particular premises.

Flooring advantages

The main advantages of epoxy coatings, presented in the catalog:

  • high mechanical stability;
  • chemical resistance. Polymer coating is not damaged by exposure of
  • автомобильных масел, соли, топлива, специальных зимних реагентов;
  • dust-free. Epoxy floor completely prevents dust generation, which occurs during wear or damage of unprotected concrete base;
  • ecological and fire safety. The coating does not release harmful substances in the operating period, does not generate sparks if it comes in contact with metal objects;
  • structural integrity. Watertight integrity of the epoxy floor simplifies cleaning process, ensures sound and waterproofing properties;
  • convenience and ease of installation. To pour the floor in the garage, it is important to prepare a base properly by grinding and priming.

If desired, the coating can be perfectly smooth or rough

Rough coating improves traction of car wheels with the surface. Everything depends on the amount of epoxy composition and the selected fraction of quartz sand.

To buy a coating for the garage, please contact your HAUPTMANN manager for technical details and pricing.

The price of garage flooring per m2 is formed on the basis of room area, installation specifics (coating thickness, base condition) and design.

You can order garage flooring through the application form on our website or on telephone number

You can order the material in any required volume, picking up the desired color from our range.