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Hauptmann TOP 2K microcement is the most effective material for bathroom finishing because of its qualities:

  • Versatility - it can be applied to almost any surface: tile, concrete, shower walls and even a sink bowl.
  • Microconcrete coating is free of fungi and bacteria due to the absence of seams.
  • Resistant to mechanical impacts.
  • Has water and vapor impermeability.
  • Variety of colors
  • Wide choice of textures: rough, smooth, matte or glossy.
  • Aesthetic and durable.
  • Microcement is warm and pleasant to the touch
  • The raw material is absolutely safe for health
  • The coating can be used with a "warm floor" system
  • It does not require any special care.
  • Resistant to household detergents and chemicals.

With Hauptmann TOP 2K you get a coating with an individual pattern, unique texture, sophisticated look and completely hygienic material. Microconcrete walls in the bathroom will remain as new for many years. They will fear almost any dirt, cleaning will not take much time, even in large premises, and furniture, decorated with microconcrete, will be the perfect accessory in your shower room.


Application technology

Before applying Hauptmann TOP 2K microconcrete, it is necessary to remove dust from the surface, apply a primer coat with mineral filler, create a rough texture that will ensure better adhesion. Then spread the first layer of material and after drying apply the second layer. After 24 hours, a uniform layer of impregnation is applied, and at the end, a layer of special varnish is applied for fixing.


Hauptmann TOP 2K requires special skills, since this coating is not more than 2 mm thick, and it will be very quickly dried.

If you are unsure of your abilities, our craftsmen will help you with the microcement application work to provide a long-lasting and high-quality coating in your bathroom.

After mixing all the components the compound can be used for 40 minutes, after it starts to thicken, so if you work with the raw material for the first time, it is not worth mixing the whole quantity at once. It is better to start with a small area and mix exactly as much as you need to have time to cover the surface.

The basic catalog of Hauptmann microcement consists of 6 basic colors, but you can choose the most suitable color for your interior.

You can order the material in any required volume, picking up the desired color from our range.

The price of microcement for bathrooms in Minsk depends on the area, condition of the base on which the works will be carried out, design project, chosen color scheme, desired texture.

You can buy microcement for bathrooms by calling or by leaving a request on the website. Our managers will contact you, advise you in more detail and choose the appropriate material.