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Heavy-duty, wear-resistant and easy to clean oligomer-based polyurethane floorings. Epoxy-based floors are especially in demand among the floors for light industry.

Coatings have a smooth surface, but people and equipment do not slip on them. Material is not sparkling, it is resistant to ignition, acids, alkalis. Epoxy coating is easy to clean both by hand and with the help of floor cleaning machines. Waterproofing is important for light industry factories as for food processing facilities. This is particularly relevant for companies that specialize in yarn production and fur raw materials processing. Dyeing-and-finishing industries are considered to be rather "wet".


Poured polymer floors are arranged in the shops of knitting, felt-making, footwear, leather, haberdashery enterprises in Belarus. Many companies that handle raw materials, carpets, clothing, footwear are also interested in ordering floors for light industry including polyurethane-based floorings on concrete or metal subfloors. Such coatings are often poured in the warehouse areas, product loading/unloading sites. They are also chosen for rooms with equipment that regularly creates vibrations. Since polyurethane is elastic, it is protected from cracking under this type of load.

Some factories are also interested in purchasing microcement-based systems. They are purchased for "open" departments of the enterprise. For example, marketing department, sales department. Due to their physical and chemical properties, microcement-based coatings are the best solutions for office spaces. At the same time, they are able to support the company's style. Microcement-based compounds are ideal for loft style projects.

What determines the price of a floor for light industry facilities

The cost is influenced by a number of factors:

  • Coating surface texture.
  • Finishing coat. It can be simple in composition and with a special sealing coating. Systems with such protection are recommended for use in bright rooms with open windows. There is no need for such protection in the shops without windows. And here you can save money.
  • Product thickness. The thinner the coating, the cheaper it is. However, thin-layer systems are not suitable for harsh environments.

To buy a coating for the garage in Minsk, please contact your HAUPTMANN manager for technical details and pricing.

For shops where a lot of equipment is concentrated, the coating is regularly exposed to mechanical loads, it is advisable to choose filled systems. Affordable price of a floor for light industry of this type is for systems with quartz. In this case, the consumer receives a high-strength industrial floor. It does not require repair for many years.

You can order the material in any required volume, picking up the desired color from our range.

What should be considered when ordering a floor for light industry enterprise?

For light duty applications thin-layer polymer floors (0.4-0.8 mm) can be used. They are not used for heavy industry shops. For small light industry shops without high loads such systems are worthwhile.

But the most popular are systems with a coating thickness of 2-4 mm. For extreme loads (for example, for shops with heavy-duty presses), cement-polymer coatings with a thickness of 5-10 mm are produced. This type of Hauptmann coatings has an impact strength of 15 J/cm3.

When choosing a floor, apart from the installation of basic stationary equipment in shops, it is important to take into account moving compact equipment. There's not much of it at the light industry enterprises. But even small hard steel wheels on rack carts can put additional stress on the floor. That's why it's important to take into account all the details of flooring operation to prevent wear.

For shops where flammable substances are stored, sensitive electrical appliances are used, it is advisable to use poured antistatic floors.

As the number of control and instrumentation devices at the light industry enterprises is increasing, the need for antistatic products is growing.

The variety of HAUPTMANN flooring systems makes it possible to find a floor for any production facility. We offer advice and free product training.