HAUPTMANN EPO FARBIG color epoxy resin

Ecological safety
Abrasion hardness
Impact strength
Fire resistance
UV resistance
The price is listed for reference, subject to material application on a flat surface that does not require repair. It also depends on the room area, concrete base condition, facility location, and other factors.


Hauptmann Epo Farbig marking product can be used both as a flooring and sealing coating for surfaces in heavy-duty production areas.

Application examples:

  • industrial areas;
  • enclosed warehouses and bases;
  • shop areas;
  • all kinds of workshops.

Product properties

Hauptmann Epo Farbig is a pigmented, two-component epoxy resin-based coating that withstands a high level of mechanical impacts.

  • withstands mechanical loads;
  • is not subject to chemical damage.


Seamless poured floors should have a solid base, free from all kinds of dirt (dust, grease, rubber tire marks), characterized by particular strength.

Tensile strength of the base should be at least 1.5 N/mm2, compressive strength should be at least 25 N/mm2. The base shall correspond to the optimum value of actual average humidity and shall not be subject to moisture from within during use.

Equilibrium moisture content of surfaces shall have the following parameters:

  • For concrete surfaces - maximum 4 wt%
  • For seamless cement floors - maximum 4 wt% is also permissible

Base preparation

For the base to meet specified requirements, it should be prepared in a special way. This is done by diamond grinding or shot blasting. Hauptmann Epo 320 should be used for leveling various chips and damages on the base.

Base course preparation

The base component (A) is mixed with the hardener (B) until homogenous and then added to another prepared container and thoroughly mixed again.

To prepare a base mixture for use with filled systems, an appropriate volume of filler is added to the epoxy resin mixture, stirring slowly. The resulting composition is stirred again.

The mixture is applied immediately after preparation to the treated surface and distributed with the appropriate device.

Mixing ratio

Material processing time

The following indicators should be considered: at 60% air moisture content and a temperature of +20°C, the processing time will be approximately 25 minutes. Higher temperatures result in shorter processing time and lower temperatures result in longer processing time.


Processing temperature:

Temperature parameters of material, environment and the base shall not be less than +8 °C, maximum allowable values shall not be higher than +30 °C. The relative humidity limit is 80%. The required base temperature shall be at least 3 °C above the dew point.

Drying time:

The coating is ready for individual loads (walking is allowed) after one day at a temperature of +20 °C, temperature indicator +8 °C allows partial operation after two days. At a temperature of +20 °C the coating is ready for all kinds of loads (mechanical, chemical) in a week. Consequently, the time required for drying of the coating increases as the temperature decreases.



A paint scraper is used for application of Hauptmann Epo Farbig product used for primer/filler. Product consumption depends on the surface to be treated and is 0.2-0.4 kg/m2.

Sealing coating:

When working with Hauptmann Epo Farbig, depending on the required roughness, use a rubber slide or metal paint scraper, or epoxy roller to level the coating. The product is consumed at a rate of 0.6-2.5 kg/m2.

Finishing coat:

Hauptmann Epo Farbig product is a compound with filler added in a 2:1 ratio by weight. A toothed paint scraper is required for uniform application to the surface and the result is handled with a needle roller.

The product consumption of not less than 2 kg/m of Hauptmann Epo Farbig per kilogram of 0.2-0.4 mm fraction quartz sand.

These technical parameters were obtained during laboratory tests of standard colorant product at +20 °C. When working with a product on sites small deviations from the specified indicators are allowed. Product color may vary depending on the delivery batch, so a single-batch product should be used on boundary surfaces.

The epoxy coating may change color due to exposure to UV rays and atmospheric deposition.

A layer of UV-absorbing, polyurethane-based sealing coating will preserve color stability.


All tools used in the work require cleaning with solvents immediately after the work is done.


Product consumption:

At least 0.25 - 2.5 kg/m2 will be required, according to the product application conditions.

Storage conditions:

The product is stored in sealed original packaging at temperature of at least +8 °C in enclosed warehouses. Shelf life is at least 6 months.


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